Heritage Berkshire pigs naturally raised, roaming free in large pastures

supplemented with rich Jersey cow's milk and beer grains from our local brewery.

Registered and Purebred

Berkshire Pigs-

excellent breeding stock or show pigs

*Legal Requirements*

pork is sold 1 of 3 ways listed below

Florida Law allows meat processed at a custom butcher or other small scale, USDA inspected slaughter facility (without a USDA inspector present at the time of the slaughter of each animal) to be regulated, taxed, and sold for ag use as a “Livestock Feed” or “Pet Food” with a Master Feed License. We sell our dairy products for "Livestock Use" under the same license. SPECIAL ORDER Feet, Organs, Bones, smoked items, and other seasoned pet treats will be sold under our pet food licence.

NOTE- If you pre-order the same pork (from the same pigs, raised side by side, and butchered at the same time at the same plant) and own at least 1/4 of the animal before butchering, the meat will have a different status and thus different label. It will not be labelled as “pet food” because of its custom slaughtered status. It will be custom butchered for your personal use and stamped "Not for Resale."  

Thus, our usual product labels reflect these LEGAL REQUIREMENTS, not the quality of our products.

*USDA inspected resale or restaurant items are available at retail pricing. If purchasing at wholesale package price, PLEASE Specify USDA if ordering a 1/4 or larger package as most of our 1/4 packages are butchered at a custom butcher.

To order pork, please

Send an email to orders.keelyfarmsdairy@gmail.com

or text your order to (386)690-5199

Specify which cuts you would like and size preference.

Include Name, Address, and Phone Number for delivery.

Superior Purebred Berkshire Genetics= highly marbled, gourmet pork

  • Pasture raised in social groups
  • No hormones, no hormone blockers
  • No adrenal boosters
  • No growth promoters
  • No antibiotics
  • No growth promoting drugs
  • Free range- No confinement housing

Pork Packages

Quarter, Half, or Whole Pig

1/4 pig package includes-
12 pork chops, 
2-3 packs bacon or a pork belly, 
6 packs ground pork, 
 fresh ham roasts, shish kabob meat, or cube steaks, 
1 rib section, 
1 boston butt roast

 Hanging weight bulk pricing. 

Estimated hanging weight whole pig- 250-300 lbs

Reserve yours now- $200 non refundable deposit per quarter

These Packages are PRE-ORDER 

and usually have weeks to months lead time.

Pork Price List 

           usual package size and price listed

Boston Butt (4-6 lb)  $12/lb 

Chops (2 -4 lbs package)   $14/lb 

(specify 2 or 4 chop package)

Ground Pork (1-2 lbs packages)  $10/lb 

Ribs  (2-4 lbs) $12/lb ​

Pork Shanks (Osso Buco) (2+ lbs)  $10/lb 

Pork Belly (2-3lbs) $12/lb 

Picnic Shoulder  (approx. 8 lbs) $10/lb