West Farms has been raising local grass fed and grass finished beef for their friends and neighbors for over 30 years. They are located on 20 acres less than 5 miles from our farm in New Smyrna. They raise Angus and Hereford beef. We are pleased to be able to share one of their exceptional animals with our customers. 


$100 Butcher Box

12+ lbs of meat

1 whole pastured chicken (4-5 lbs) Azalea Acres

4 pork chops (around 3-4 lbs) Keely Farms

2 ground beef (1+ lb each) West Farms

1 pack ground pork (1+ lb) Keely Farms

1 pork steak (1.5-2.5 lbs) Keely Farms

$200 Large Butcher Box

 25-30 lbs of meat

2 pastured chickens (8-10lbs) Azalea Acres

8 pork chops (6-8 lbs) Keely Farms

4 ground beef (4+lbs)West Farms

2 ground pork (2+lbs) Keely Farms

2 pork steaks (3-4+lbs) Keely Farms

BONUS 1 pork shank roast (2-4 lbs) Keely Farms

Add on a pork shank for $8/lb

ADD ONS are available on

our Berkshire pork page.


These include




or save money by ordering a sausage package for $50

In collaboration with our fellow local farmers,

we are now offering a monthly butcher box.

Our box will be built around Keely Farms 

pasture raised, milk fed Berkshire Pork

and Azeala Acres pastured poultry.

These products have year round availability. 

Supplementing these mainstays, will be local grass fed beef and lamb. These additional meats will be sourced from our local farm friends

and will be limited and seasonal in their availability.

Chicken, Beef, and Lamb will be purchased from other local farms.

Beef and Lamb are not available for purchase outside of butcher boxes.

No substitutions will be allowed on butcher boxes. 

Additional pork or chicken may be added on, however.

Pork items may be ordered separately on our Berkshire Pork list.

Chickens may be purchased direct through Azeala Acres.

Butcher Boxes will be delivered along with dairy products on our delivery routes.
See our Free Delivery page for delivery schedules

Recipes will be included with these boxes.