As required by the Federal Pasteurized Milk Ordinance and Florida Statute 502.091, 
which forbid the sale of unpasturized milk products for human consumption, 
our products are labeled: 

"Not for Human Consumption"
and sold as "Livestock Feed." 

‚ÄčWe are LEGALLY REQUIRED to include these statements on our product labels.

Artisan Dairy Products      
made from our own Grass-Fed, Local RAW MILK

Grass-fed RAW Jersey Milk

fresh, natural, unprocessed milk from pastured Jersey cows



Fresh Cream 

rich, golden cream

available in two thicknesses- light or ultra heavy cream   


rich, tangy yogurt made in small batches

with only fresh, raw milk and live, active yogurt cultures

Greek Yogurt
thick, rich, and tangy yogurt.

made using the traditional method of straining yogurt to remove whey-

leaving a lower carb, lower lactose, higher protein, naturally thickened product


made in small batches using real kefir grains in traditional glassware.

contains many times the probiotic goodness of any yogurt.

this is a totally raw product- made using milk that is never heated at all.

Cottage Cheese
earthy, naturally fermented raw milk cheese curd topped with fresh rich cream.

totally raw- Never heated above 105 degrees. No added ingredients.




luxurious milk soap made with milk from our Jersey cows

no chemicals or artificial ingredients

old fashioned, quality soap containing only milk, oils, and lye