Raw Milk, Naturally

Raw milk, Safely

 Local, Sustainable Dairy Products

We raise heritage sized Jersey cows that are well suited to grazing. Our current herd is around 70 animals, many of them heifers who will be milking in the next year. Each of our cows has a name and is an important member of our farm family. Our small herd grazes nearly 100 acres on our main farm and lounges in the shade under mature oak trees and next to clear, spring fed ponds. Our calves are raised by mother cows not bottle fed in isolation. 


Our raw milk is milked and then processed in a clean environment with American made, stainless steel, grade A quality equipment. We use in-line filters during milking to be sure no dirt gets into our milk. We chill the milk immediately after it leaves the cow.  We test our cows frequently.  We test EVERY batch of milk in our tank before bottling with state of the art equipment that gives us instant analysis. 


 As required by the Federal Pasteurized Milk Ordinance and Florida Statute 502.091,

which forbid the sale of unpasturized milk products for human consumption,

our products are labeled: 

"Not for Human Consumption" and sold as "Feed for Calves." 

​We are LEGALLY REQUIRED to include these statements on our product labels.