At Keely Farms Dairy, we believe in responsible, sustainable farming. We support the local food movement. We feel that farmers should be connected to their customers.  We think that cows should live as naturally as possible- they should graze in pastures not feed bunks in buildings. 

We feel that responsible farming is not necessarily organic farming, but we never use hormones, pesticides, conventional fertilizers, or other unnecessary chemicals on our cattle or our land. We promise not to use antibiotics on our cows except in the case of a life threatening illness.

We do not believe in shipping organic grain around the globe, as is the common practice with organic livestock feed, because this increases our carbon footprint. We grow much of our feed locally and source the rest responsibly. Currently, most of our feed is grass based and locally grown here in Volusia County. We do supplement with free choice non-gmo alfalfa. The cows receive a small amount of Florida citrus (pulp and pellets) with added calcium and vitamins at milking time. In addition, we offer free choice salt, trace minerals, and Florida grown, sugar cane molasses to our milking cows to provide them with the necessary calories and nutrients to give us the best quality milk possible. When the grass is poor, the cows are supplemented with sprouted barley.

  • Heritage Sized Jersey Cows
  • ​Grass based diet
  • No Hormones
  • No Antibiotics
  • Superior Animal Welfare
  • ​Local Farm