Please be a courteous farm guest.

  • Keep under 10 mph in our driveway and parking lot. The speed limit is NOT negotiable. Children and animals are usually in the driveway. (Customers have hit and killed livestock on multiple occasions driving too fast and/or not paying attention).
  • Please park in designated areas and be aware of your surroundings. Do not block other cars in, prevent access to driveways, gates, garage doors ect. Look in, around, and under your vehicle when you return to it. Animals may have moved since you parked.
  • Do not bring pets of any type to the farm. For their safety and that of our livestock, they are not welcome. If they stay in your car, please do not roll down your windows because our livestock guardian dogs may jump on your vehicle.
  • We use livestock guardian DOGS to protect our animals. If you do not like dogs or are afraid of them, please call ahead to arrange for milk to be brought to your car or order free home delivery. The dogs live here and are working, they will not be removed for your comfort because such action may cost our livestock their lives. (They are friendly- you may pet the dogs or bring treats.)
  • Please do NOT SMOKE anywhere on the farm. 
  • Children must be supervised. Please do not allow children to climb on gates, farm equipment, carriages, or hay bales. Do not allow children to chase any animals.
  • We are not a petting zoo but you may pet dogs, sheep, cows, or ponies who come up to the fences. Do not pursue the animals- if they do not come up to you, leave them alone. Be aware that Animals and Humans can carry and spread germs - wash your hands if petting animals. Do not spread germs between animals. Do not pet bottle babies with developing immune systems who can get sick easily.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our farm is open from 8am-5pm daily for purchases.

It is self serve with a customer fridge and an honor box

located in the first stall of the main barn for

milk and dairy products only

​A price list is posted on the fridge.

Please bring correct change

or a check (checks not less than $40 please),

credit cards are not accepted.

​Please bring a cooler, ice can be provided.

special orders can be picked up by appointment only.


We are currently not open for milking or tours.