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Standing orders-

  • Many customers text the order line every week OR respond to the order reminder sent out by the order line to each customer each week.
  • Standing orders are offered if you prefer not to hear from us each week or do not want to remember to order. 
  • The same order is delivered each week or every other week if no changes are requested.
  • Standing Orders may be prepaid monthly if desired.
  • Change requests (vacations ect.) must be made through the order line. Vacations or other missed deliveries will incur missed order charges if the order line is not notified.
  • ​Please add the delivery fee to your monthly checks $5 per delivery.

Glass policies-

  • ​Glass jars are a $4 deposit
  • Glass MUST be returned clean and dry. Drivers may not accept dirty, broken, cracked, or glass with milk or milk residue remaining inside. Lids MUST come back with jars.
  • Glass in 64 oz size is lime glass. It is NOT dishwasher, high temperature, or freezer safe. Please DO NOT wash and dry on the sani- dishwasher cycle. This will cause glass to shatter later with vibration, impact, or temperature change. Please rinse and air dry jars. We will sanitize them upon their return.
  • Glass is a 1/1 exchange. If you order 2 jars of milk, please leave 2 jars out for us to pick up. (A deposit will be charged if more glass is left than is returned). 
  • Due to temporary customers departing with jars that cannot be easily replaced with post-covid supply chain issues, we ask that only regular, established customers order glass. 
  • If you want glass without establishing yourself as a customer first, please have glass jars to exchange for the first delivery.

How to get our products delivered-

  • Call or text the order line at least 24 hours before your delivery day with name, address, and order (be sure to include info such as cooler location, apartment number*, or gate code). Please do not add on the night before or morning of- it is difficult to add on to a loaded truck last minute.
  • ONLY the order line or order email can take orders- do not send them to any other numbers, use the contact us form, tell your driver, use fb, or leave a note at the farm. ​​
  • Be sure you meet the minimums. There is a $5 fee on orders under $60. Check**amounts need to exceed $40. If your total is less than $40, please pay with cash. Standing orders may be paid ahead monthly.
  • Prepare your payment ahead of time (CASH OR CHECK ONLY). The driver should not have to wait for you to write a check, count money, or make change.
  • PLEASE do not delay our drivers- call the office with order changes, comments, or questions. Drivers have to be efficient to keep our costs down.
  • We request that you leave a cooler with payment out for ALL deliveries as it improves our efficiency. We can ring bell or call when delivered if requested.  Expedited delivery helps keep our costs down. 
  • We cannot give you a delivery time- only a day. Each area has a delivery day that is the same each week with the exception of major holidays (for holidays you may be moved to a different day). Deliveries happen Monday through Friday from 7am until or even sometimes after 5pm. A computer program routes the trucks based on the orders that are placed. We cannot predict who will order or traffic issues that cause rerouting ect. If you ask for a projected time, please realize that it is only our best guess based on how things ran the week before. Delivery times are subject to change. 
  • PLEASE LEAVE A COOLER OUT with payment and ice packs if you will not be home. Even if you are out for 5 minutes, PLEASE leave out the cooler. We WILL NOT leave milk out without a cooler (please do not ask your driver to do so).
  • Payment is due at the time of delivery unless you pay ahead monthly. 
  • MISSED DELIVERIES will be assessed a $10 charge due on the next delivery. It is expensive for us to drive to your home and not deliver. In addition, missed Veggie boxes will be expected to pay in full for the undelivered box.
  • Drivers cannot come back to bring your milk later- plan ahead and leave a cooler out or notify us of your vacation if a standing order.
  • Drivers can/will call or text to attempt to make a delivery. Please be available to answer the phone or text in case of delivery issues.

​*high rise buildings need to meet in the lobby or arrange with the doorman/front desk ahead of time. Our drivers cannot park, wait at the front desk, and/or go upstairs to find customers. PLEASE help us be efficient.

** returned checks will be charged the $20 fee that the bank charges us.